Google API Integration

Google has brought the real revolution in Open Source API, Google has given API's for all the services it provides. ITMagix is an early adopter of Google APIs, we offer experienced consultation and integration of the Google Maps, Google Checkout API into websites which include API Interface design, development and integration.

Google Apps, The next big thing with search volumes on the rise and expected increase in the customer base of Google Apps Marketplace, it has been a coveted spot to advertise, sell or rent your services for a price or for free. The business lead conversions you will generate from the marketplace would be of higher quality and more conversion prone. At this stage, having an application which is made of of Google Apps marketplace ready would give your business the boost you were looking for.

The opportunities are unlimited. Time is scarce, if you want to get the firstmover advantage. Contact us now with your needs to Build, Integrate & Sell your App at Google Apps Marketplace.

Google apps have already been through that process of credibility check. And most importantly, API Integration is easier and has reusable functionality with significant ease of use due to plain-text & XML-based messages. APIs give you multiple formats and allow you to customize the interface according to your requirements. With more and more companies becoming aware of APIs & web services, level of sophistication of rendering services to customers has improved.

Common Integrations we do

  • Google Map's API
  • Google Search API
  • Google Checkout API
  • Google Analytics API
  • Google Webmaster tools API
  • Google Youtube API
and more ..

For web application development using google api's please Contact us or call +1-909-954-3393.

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